Our Network

Our Beneficiaries

  • Young girls (16-18 yrs)
  • Young women (21-34) who are a mixture of university students, graduates and professional women

Our Audience

  • Our girlstalklondon.com platform receives on average 5,000 visits per month from women in the UK who are aged between 21-34 who work in British businesses or study at UK universities.
  • Nearly 80,000 people online have viewed our talk show

Our Reach

All Social Media: 102K+ Facebook: 2.5K Twitter: 5.6K Instagram: 18.5K YouTube: 78K views

Schools and Colleges in UK

We work with over 300 schools and colleges across the UK including London, Leeds & Birmingham

Higher Education

We partner with many leading UK universities to provide networking and insight opportunities for students including Kings College London, City University London and Brunel University.